Introduction from owner - Valentin Mavrev

Basing on my long experience in the business of piano I would like to give you more information if you are considering buying a piano or piano. The company that I created Melody's 25 years on the market. Keep my name and what my clients to be informed and satisfied of the piano and the service in the company. For me the greatest recognition is the recommendation from a client. I hope to be helpful and will be glad of your visit in our fully renovated showroom. Valentin Mavrev Owner

What do the customers of Melody piano salon get?

Our customers receive: - Guarantee of quality of the pianos purchased by us; - Guarantee of secure delivery; - Free delivery to the address of the town of Sofia; Uploading and positioning the piano or grand piano to the home comes at an extra cost; - Free initial tunning after delivery; - Warranty and after warranty service; - Replacement with an additional payment with another instrument within the warranty period.

Do you warrant your products?

All our brand new pianos and grand pianos come with 5 years warranty. For second hand pianos and grand pianos warranty is between 2 and 5 years.

Do you offer delivery of pianos and grand pianos?

Yes, we offer delivery and uploading of the piano or grand piano to your home by proven professionals. Delivery within Sofia is free of charge. Piano or grand piano uploading is additionally paid for each floor.

How much does it cost new European quality piano?

European quality pianos - C.BECHSTEIN, SAUTER, PETROF, BLUTHNER, FORSTER, SEILER are produced entirely in Europe by companies with over 160 years of experience, proven on the market with quality tools to produce. Please do not be misled by incorrect information provided by competitors that all companies have outsourced their production to China. This is not true. In Europe, there are many companies with traditions that produce instruments entirely in Europe and keep the quality and its reputation. Prices of new European pianos are more than 10000 €.

If you are looking for a brand new piano be careful - Chinese pianos with German names

The market is flooded with a number of brands that only have German names, but actually produced in China. Some of them are SCHUMANN, OFFENBACH, OTTO MEISTER, TAYLOR London and others. Unfortunately this information is often saves the client and explaining that are imported from Europe and German parts does not mean that they are European. Request a certificate of origin, or search the internet more information about the brand and manufacturer. The prices of these pianos are about 9000 BGN and they certainly are not produced in Europe.

What about second hand pianos? Yes, but of good brand and not too old

Second hand pianos? -Yes, but of good brand, in good condition and with contemporary mechanic. This means that a very old piano is not a good choice. The probability begin to receive cracks in the resonant board is great. And probably pins who hold the strings will be no in good condition. There are old-type mechanics so-called "Vienna", which does not meet modern tempering. Correct traders would not mislead you about the types of mechanics, but when buying from a private client is possible to get such a thing, even if not intentionally, but simply ignorance on the part of the seller. Focus on used European pianos around 30-40-50 years old. Prices of used German and Czech pianos range from 1000 to 2-3000 BGN. High-quality German pianos and pianos can be at higher prices depending on the brand, condition and year of production of the instrument.

Regarding pianos offered by Internet or unauthorized traders?

My opinion is: Be extremely careful when choosing a piano from garage. The market has pretty informal traders who carry out illegal import of tools from Switzerland, Austria and Western Europe. Most of these tools are music schools, which played fairly and are depreciated. Others were simply left in the streets by their owners or donated for removal.