4/7/2024 - 160 th Aniversary PETROF

160 th Aniversary PETROF.

12/1/2023 - Future is here! C.Bechstein Connect - Create — Share — Connect

Acoustic Heart. Digital Soul. From now on, your creativity has no limits. Connect your acoustic grand or upright piano with over 50,000 apps from C. Bechstein or third-party providers. Whether music production, notation or e-learning – everything is possible with the connectivity of our new hybrid instruments from C. Bechstein and W. Hoffmann Professional and Tradition. Connect your instrument to your favorite app! RECORDING — CREATING SONGS With the connection to common DAW solutions such as LOGIC PRO or C. BECHSTEIN RECORD, recording your piano playing is child's play. Let your creativity run free with your favorite plugins, loops and samples and produce your own songs. NOTATION — WRITING DOWN MUSIC With notation software such as SIBELIUS, you can write your piano playing in notation in real time. This makes it easy to document your melodies in writing. SAMPLING — PLAYING VIRTUAL INSTRUMENTS C. Bechstein Connect translates your piano playing into the universal musical instrument language MIDI. Sample libraries such as PIANOTEQ provide you with a variety of sounds for your piano. The instruments contain a sensor strip under the keyboard that optically and therefore contactlessly records the piano playing very precisely and translates it into MIDI signals - 88 optical key sensors and 3 optical pedal sensors continuously record your playing with a sampling rate of more than 200,000 data points / sec. Your instrument can therefore be easily connected wirelessly via Bluetooth to a smartphone, tablet or notebook. C. BECHSTEIN CONNECT APP - STUDIO TOUCH™ The app allows you to control your C. Bechstein Connect system. It allows you to carry out digital fine-tuning of your piano independently at the highest level - simply, intuitively and in real time. Calibrating the sensor system Adjusting the sensor brightness Continuous button adjustment: Setting the hammer/damper release Continuous pedal adjustment: Setting the pedal release MIDI aftertouch: Polyphonic, Monophonic, CC 1 (Modwheel) Input voltage: 100-240V, exchangeable connection cable for international use Output voltage/current: 19 V DC/ 4.74 A Plug dimensions: 5.5 mm x 2.5 mm System power consumption: 4.0 W in normal operation // 0.8 W in network standby mode Energy saving / auto power-off: yes Connections: Bluetooth MIDI (BLE, single mode)

9/8/2023 - Visit C.BECHSTEIN`s factory in Seifhenersdorf

170 th Anniversary C.Bechstein. 08.09.2023г. Visit factory in Seifhenersdorf - Germany.

9/8/2023 - C.Bechstein 170 th Anniversary

Party of 170 th Anniversary in Seifhenersdorf Germany.

9/7/2023 - 170th Anniversary C.BECHSTEIN- Dresden

170th Anniversary C.BECHSTEIN 07.09.2023

9/6/2023 - Visit C.BECHSTEIN`s factory in Hradec Kralove

170th Anniversary C.BECHSTEIN 06.09.2023 Visit C.BECHSTEIN`s factory in Hradec Kralove.

4/25/2019 - Visit C.Bechstein center in Frankfurt / International dealer meeting - 04.2019

Visit C.Bechstein center in Frankfurt - 04.2019

10/1/2018 - Delivery of 9 pianos and 4 grand pianos.

Delivery of 9 pianos and 4 grand pianos.

9/17/2018 - 165 years C.BECHSTEIN Anniversary

165 years C.BECHSTEIN Anniversary