Mr.Dimitar Chipovski - Grand Hotel & Spa Primoretz - Bourgas town

It was a big pleasure for us to work with you and we will always recommend your services. Thank you for your responsiveness, proper attitude and commercial acumen! We highly appreciate the exact compliance with all agreed terms and conditions! Happy Holidays and a successful next year! Г-н Димитър Чиповски - Marketing and sales - Grand Hotel & Spa Primoretz - Bourgas town. 20.12.2011г.

Julia Nenova - Director of NUMSI - National School of Music and Performing Arts "Prof.Pancho Vladigerov" - Bourgas

I looked at your website and I loved it. You have many options such activities and services. You offer a variety of options for all tastes, needs and preferences. I am impressed of imports of pianos and grand pianos - very comprehensive resource! You Satisfy from basic needs to professionalism. I wish you a good luck! Julia Nenova - Director of NUMSI - National School of Music and Performing Arts "Prof.Pancho Vladigerov" - Bourgas 30.10.2008.

Mrs.Fanny Koutzarova Pianist and pedagogue

With piano salon "Melody" connects us long-term cooperation.I always refer students to them because they are the ones providing quality tools fully tailored to customer requirements. In addition, they receive great respect and honesty. I wish from my heart much success and thank you. Fanny Koutzarova Pianist and pedagogue

Mr. Milen Djurov - a student at the National Musical Academy "Pancho Vladigerov"

Piano lounge '' Melody 'was not the first store that I entered when I needed a piano, but it was the first with impeccable service. Greeted me wonderful advisor and directed me to the right one for my instrument. I have not had any problems with delivery and with tuning. In the future, I will guide all who seek such services to them, knowing that they will remain completely satisfied. Moreover, most sincerely I want everyone to be able to hear the music that I listened to there. 11.11.2010.

Mr.Krasimir Byunder

I'm happy lot! I served correctly, good prices! We enjoyed a very nice piano with rich sound. I am glad that I found in Bulgaria, a company that is serious about their business and their clients. Krasimir Byunder - 23.12.2009.

National Musicl Academy Prof.Pancho Vladigerov - Sofia town

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Sofia University "Kliment Ohridski"

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